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Ocala, Florida

I’m a dad, a husband, an artist, and I’m addicted. I’m addicted to making wood bowls! Of course, I’m saying this jokingly, but it really is true. See, since I was a little kid I’ve always loved to work with wood. My dad was a mechanic so we always had tools around, but not woodworking tools. The little town I grew up in had a classic old school hardware store across from the post office. I can still remember the way that store looked and smelled. They carried basic woodworking tools and I saved my money to buy this or that tool. The thrill of owning an instrument that could help me create something out of wood was exciting. In my teenage years, I had a friend that enjoyed woodworking too and his family had a small workspace in their basement filled with woodworking tools. Together, we made all kinds of things, but nothing turned.

I’m an artist and I have a bachelors degree in advertising and graphic design. I love everything visual and I always have had a craving to create three-dimensionally. However, traditional woodworking projects, as satisfying as they can be, have never left me eager for more. Usually after a project, like building cabinets, I’m pretty much done. If ten years passes before I do another cabinet, I’m ok with that. When I turned my first bowl, the energy of seeing the shape form so effortlessly was captivating. I still catch myself thinking about the bowl I want to turn next while I’m currently turning a bowl. When I’m away from home and haven’t turned for a few days, I crave getting back to my lathe. I dream actually about turning bowls. I’m a bowl turning addict! Here's my website: turnawoodbowl.com.


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