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Clarke Buchanan

Cape Cod, Massachusetts

I bought my first lathe in 2004 after a trip to Maui where I saw some really amazing turnings in an art gallery there and started turning things that most often became fire wood or dog chew toys! Then I joined the Cape Cod Woodturners and the American Association of Woodturners and became a much better turner thanks to the open sharing and teaching from the folks in both associations. I currently serve as President of the Cape Cod Woodturners and really enjoy being part of such a great club and community.

I also enjoy being “Lost in the Woods”. Not so much wandering around in the forest trying to find my way, (which I often do) but lost in the grain, figure, smell, touch and what takes shape as the wood spins on the lathe.

Wondering about that profile picture of me? In every wood turning project, there is a chainsaw in the beginning, one way or another.


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