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Lyle Jamieson

Traverse City, MI

Lyle’s first experience with turning came as a child. He did all kinds of woodworking mentored by his father. In 1988, the woodworking tools got left behind for turning. 

Lyle Jamieson’s turned figurative sculptures adorn the shelves and display cases of museums, patrons, and institutions around the world. Lyle is the President of Northwest Michigan Woodturners, and has been a member of Northwestern Michigan Artists and Craftsmen, Traverse Area Arts Council, Wood Turning Center, American Association of Woodturners, and Collectors of Wood Art.   

Lyle is also an accomplished teacher of woodturning technique; when teaching, Lyle concentrates on the process of turning in contrast to the product.  What is the difference between a beginning turner and an advanced turner?  It is what they do with the basics.  He has been a demonstrator at the AAW national and local chapter symposiums since 1996.  Lyle was a selected instructor featured in the 1997 AAW Symposium Video.  He has been an instructor at the Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts, Provo Symposium, the Appalachian Center for Crafts and Brookfield Turning Center.  Additionally, Lyle has been an Extended Education instructor in Woodturning at Northwestern Michigan College and does workshops and operates the Jamieson School of Woodturning for beginning and advanced students in his Traverse City studio. 

Lyle’s trademark is hollow forms.  His primary influence came from exploring non-functional turning.  He is the inventor/creator of the Jamieson Hollow Form Turning System for safer, in-control hollowing that is fun, too.  The system creates a rest behind the main tool rest which simplifies the hollowing process.  A turner can stand beside the lathe and gently guide the cutter into the vessel with fingertip control.  The newest advancement has been the use of a laser beam measuring devise to accurately measure wall thickness of hollow forms.


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Phone: 231-947-2348
Email: lyle@lylejamieson.com
Web Site: http://www.lylejamieson.com