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Cape Cod, Massachusetts

I’ve been active an active woodworker for twenty years but I started woodturning more recently.  In 2012, the year after retirement, my wife and I settled on Cape Cod.  Soon thereafter I joined the Cape Cod Woodturners where I got my start as a woodturner.  The skills I developed over the past six years are a result of the many lessons I received from my friends at the club, a fair amount of self-study and observation, and lots of practice.  The pieces that I design and make include small decorative pieces featuring crisp lines and delicate details as well as larger utility pieces, such as bowls, boxes, platters, and vases.

My approach to turning is both technical and creative.  I like the fact that woodturning requires skill.  I’m motivated when there is a quality standard to be met, but my inspiration and the creativity that I strive for comes from the wood itself.  I find that wood affords unlimited opportunities for artistic expression, but on a deeper level, there is something more.  Perhaps it’s the appreciation and respect for the trees that one gains when working with wood and being part of the woodturning community.  It’s hard to say, but this is certain: for me woodturning is a passion -It challenges the technical side of my brain and provides me with a means of expression for my creative side.  What more could I ask for?    

I serve as Programs Director for the Cape Cod Woodturners.  I am also an active member of the Western Massachusetts Woodturners and the American Association of Woodturners.  


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Email: mjggrg@gmail.com



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