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Melbourne, Australia

Born in the UK in the early 50's and now living in Melbourne, Australia. Moved here in 1989 with my wife and 2 kids.

My interest in woodworking started as a young boy in the late 50’s early 60’s watching and later helping my dad. This interest was rekindled in 2013 after an accident where my right shoulder was badly injured. Not being able to do very much and not interested in watching daytime TV. I discovered YouTube and it as an amazing source of information shared by many talented people. I started buying woodworking tools. Since then I invested in the must haves; bandsaw, table saw, scrollsaw, drill press and various other bits and pieces.

With the injury to my shoulder causing problems I found that pen turning was an ideal solution. My most recent interest has been the Neje laser engraver, I had watched pens being engraved on one, but being held on the table with bluetac or a rubber band.

So after studying the video's I realised that there was possibly a way of rotating the blank by converting the 'Y' axis movement into a rotational movement using a rubber band. I ordered the Neje and then had a 3 week wait for it to arrive.

The first prototype was pretty crude, but it worked and was the birth of the Rubber Band-Driven Rotary Jig for the Neje style laser engraver. I quickly made a video and posted it on YouTube.

Unfortunately shortly after I posted the video, a copy using my design of rotating the blank using a rubber band was being made and offered for sale. This prompted me to release a free "build sheet" for others to make their own, I have had a few hundred requests for it. You will now see various versions everywhere, being made using all types of materials (wood, plastic and metal).

Since then I have redesigned the jig allowing for more items that can be engraved, including closed end pens and small boxes. Contact me if you have an interest in this model.

I do enjoy making jigs and other things that haven't been done before. I have posted a handful of YouTube video's on various things to make life easier which includes a sled for the Triton workcentre, which I use every day.


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Email: bobp0751@gmail.com



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