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Mike Lanahan

San Jose, CA

Mike Lanahan is an electrical engineer, retired from the semiconductor industry, and a woodturner whose goal is bringing artistic touches to everyday items, by creating pleasing forms, meticulously finished, from beautiful wood.  His hope is that it is much more pleasurable to use something beautiful and unique, and that feels good in the hand rather than some poorly made and finished mass produced item. 

Mike turns a broad spectrum of items, from crochet hooks and Tibetan prayer wheels, to a stave construction bass drum, although he is probably better known for his peppermills, rolling pins, functional bowls, makeup and shaving brushes.  Mike has a longer background in flat wood work, and incorporates those skills into his segmented or laminated pieces.  Living in the San Francisco Bay Area, he has access to many varieties of local “urban forest” wood species, helping recycle some beautiful wood instead of letting it go to a dump, but not to the exclusion of turning exotic woods as well.


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