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Curt Fuller

North Ogden, Utah

Unlike the majority of woodturners, I came into this with no previous experience working with wood. I’ve nailed a few boards together for a doghouse and scabbed some shelves in my basement but like most with no training you can guess what they looked like. Woodturning wasn’t much different. I began around 2000 on a Ridgid tube lathe with a simple set of Craftsman chisels. I spent a couple struggling years before I discovered the internet and then finally learned that I had an AAW club just a few miles from home. From there I finally started making more than just a mess. It’s been one of the most fun and rewarding hobbies I’ve ever had. I’m now a recently retired ready mix concrete truck driver looking forward to using some of my free time to learn more about this great thing we call woodturning.


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Email: curtandholly@gmail.com



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