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Jim Driskell

Anaheim, California

My name is Jim Driskell and I live in Anaheim California. I started turning on an old ShopSmith in the early seventies, then when I retired in 1995 I found a part-time job at The Wood Workers Club as a turning instructor and shop monitor. At the same time, I started taking woodworking classes at Cerritos College the local community college. In 1999 when the Jet mini-lathe came on the market, I convinced the school to start a turning program which has been my “baby” ever since. We have had at least 2 sections of fundamental turning each semester since with 5 instructors added since. In 2002, I felt the need to expand the program to include a more advanced class. So, after a day spent with a friend who was doing segmenting, I started the Segmented Turning Class and have learned along with the students ever since. Lately in addition to teaching, I have been making Beads of Courage bowls.


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Email: xjdriskell@finewoodnthings.com
Web Site: http://finewoodnthings.com/



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