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Scotch Grove, Iowa

I visited Capt. Eddie in 2012 (Paul on the left)

Background: I graduated in 1962 from the University of Iowa with a B.S.E.E. My occupation was an Electrical Engineer,  Civilian Employ, for the Army at Ft. Monmouth, N.J. I retired in 1994 and moved to Scotch Grove, Iowa. I have 80 acres of hardwood timber as a source for wood and deer/turkey/squirrel hunting.

I married Dee Hughes in 1961. We have 2 Daughters, Lisa who now lives in Anamosa Ia. and DeAnn who lives in Philadelphia, Pa.

I purchased a Harley Davidson Trike in 2011. We rode the Sky Line Drive, Glacier Nat. Park, Grand Canyon, the Great Mississippi River Road (end to end). While we were in New Orleans, I visited Capt. Eddie at his shop.

In 2000 I joined the Rod Builders Guild. I decided to try making Fly Rod Handles.  My first wood lathe was a Jet. Minnie 10” lathe purchased in 2010. The lathe allowed me to experiment with different handle shapes using Off Center Turning and deep hole drilling. I designed jigs and fixtures to turn these handles.

I have been an AAW member for three years, and attended the 2015 Symposium in Pittsburg, Pa.

In 2012, I joined the Corridor Wood Turners who meet in Hiawatha, Ia. In 2014, I joined the Quad Cities Wood Turners, Rock Island, Ill. Both clubs are excellent forums, teaching the best practices. Their teachings were put into practice which resulted in my entries into the Jones County Fair winning 6 each First Place and 2 each Best of Show, ribbons.      

My passion is designing new and better tools and jigs. My  big ventures were designing and making an Oval Chuck and inventing EZ-Quick Twist Threader Jig.  

I corresponded with Johannes Volmer (Germany) about his gear/timing belt  driven balanced Oval Chuck currently made by Vicmark. His design was far too complicated, so I greatly simplified the Oval Chuck to run using bicycle chain and cogs. This chuck runs smooth and is in balance at all lathe speeds. My chain tensioned system is unique and works for all Oval off sets.

This is the Oval Chuck Demonstration at the Quad Cities Woodturners Mtg. I turned an Oval Picture Frame.

This is an Oval Hollow Form turned with the Oval Chuck. The finish is buffed CA Glue. The Hollow Form won First Place in the Jones’ County fair, 2015.

I received an negative Critique of my threads (too many turns) in an Acorn.  So, I invented the EZ-Quick Twist Thread Jig that mounts in Chefwarekits EZ PRO XL Threading Jig. (The EZ-QT Jig is featured in the September Issue of the New Morewoodturning Magazine.)  

The EZ-QT jig cuts Two Start, Interrupted Threads. The Two Start threads were inspired by the quick twist, multi start threads found in the caps on water bottles and milk jugs. Going one step farther, the Two Start Interrupted Threads were inspired by how a camera lens twist locks to the camera body.

The end result is the lid’s cut threads can bypass the body’s  threads so the lid sets directly on the body. Then with a short Twist, the lid’s threads engage the body’s threads. Another plus, there is zero chance of “cross threading“!

This is the Acorn threaded with the EZ-Quick Twist Threading Jig. Note the Interrupted Cut Threads.

The Finished Acorn

This is the EZ-Quick Twist Threading Jig.  

I have an old 11” Logan metal lathe, a Mill/Drill, blacksmith and welding equipment. For Wood Turning, I have the Jet Minnie lathe, General International 12” lathe and a Delta DL40, 16” lathe. For Sharpening tools, I use a Wolverine system with the grinder reversed so the CBN wheels turn UP. UP turning wheels have many advantages over traditional Down turning wheels. SAFETY is the main advantage!

I am still experimenting with bowl finish. I like a gloss shine that is buffed to perfection. The goal is for the buyer to be attracted to the bowl’s design and hooked with the “feel good”  finish.

I enjoy talking to potential customers. I still have most of my work because my wife, Dee, doesn’t want the items to be sold.

My goal is to design and turn Signature Items of my design. The Oval Chuck and EZ-QT Jig and other advanced tooling, will give me the edge to meet this goal.

I design most of my work to comply with the Golden Mean, Rule of Thirds, and Catenary Curves. By following these rules, coupled with a great finish, the Bowls and Hollow Forms have received favorable comments from the Quad Cities Woodturners club’s Critique.

I also enjoy writing articles. The subject matter of each article is fully researched. Only after the problems are analyzed, can a solution be found.  I am currently working on “CHATTER” solutions. Chatter is caused by instability in the wood turning system.

Most Wood Turners think in terms of “WOOD“ for their jigs and fixtures. Even the AAW’s plans for the Rose Engine Lathe, is made from MDF. Almost all of these items would be significantly improved using metal. As you can tell, I think “METAL” for jigs and fixtures.

My motto is: “Tradition Hinders Innovation”. You will see Innovation in the tools (Oval Chuck & EZ-QT Threader for example) that I have designed and built. Innovation is my partner. My wood turnings will be matched to complement the unique tooling I have designed.

 The Oval Chuck


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