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Andy Kuby

Riverwoods, IL

I am an architect and real estate consultant who has always been involved in carpentry, woodworking and construction. In 1988 a real estate partner gave me a Delta lathe. I wasn’t quite sure what to do with it and over the next few years I managed to “turn” a couple of passable pieces, and break the cast iron banjo and some tools before relegating it, and the screaming bearings, to the darkest portion of the garage. In 2000 I took a class with Binh Pho who introduced me to real turning, good equipment, and the Chicago Woodturners. Fifteen years later I’m still a member of the Chicago Woodturners, and am an occasional demonstrator, part time instructor and mentor.

I’m still working on my 10,000 hours but making progress.


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Phone: 847-922-8201
Email: riverwoodsturner@gmail.com



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