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Racine, WI

I've been working with wood for the better portion of my life. I wish I could say I learned my techniques from some big name woodworker and/or woodturner, however, I am mostly self-taught.

My woodworking hobby abruptly turned into a career when I was laid off from my job 2 weeks before Christmas back in 2001. I had been designing parts for a speaker parts manufacturer for 6 years and was low man on the totem pole. Rather than go back to work for another corporation, I decided to fall back on my woodworking skills and began producing furniture.

I spent quite a few years building furniture, reproducing 18th Century, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Greene and Greene styles, as well as building and installing kitchen cabinets. One of my biggest pet peeves was having to tell my customers that I hadn't done any of the turned elements on their new piece of furniture and that I had hired someone else to do that for me. To solve this dilemma I took a month off from building furniture and worked every day on my new lathe, hacking away at it, but every day getting more and more familiar with the tools.

At the urging of friends, I joined the Milwaukee Area Woodturners club and eventually became their President for 2 years. Joining a woodturning club led to club demonstrations and teaching others to turn wood. I was gathering attention quickly and my phone started ringing with other clubs requesting demonstrations. Club demonstrating led to demonstrating at regional symposiums and eventually I received the honor of being invited to demonstrate at the AAW's National Symposium.

I teach hands on classes both out of my own shop as well as at Folk Art Schools such  as John C. Campbell in Brasstown, NC. Teaching others to work wood has been by far the most rewarding experience for me and with any luck I will continue to do so.


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Email: wiwoodguy@gmail.com
Web Site: http://www.wiwoodguy.com/



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