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Mike Stafford

Rocky Mount, NC

Mike Stafford aka "Big Mike" is a lifelong woodworker who has built everything from toys to tackle boxes to furniture.  He began woodturning in 2003 and is primarily self-taught although he has studied with Don Russell, Jamie Donaldson, Ed Moore and Frank Penta at John C. Campbell Folk School.  Mike’s specialty is turned boxes and he strives to turn as many box forms using as many different woods as possible.  He has demonstrated for woodturning clubs and regional symposia around the country.  He has also taught woodturning at local woodworking stores.  He taught annual classes on turning boxes at John C. Campbell Folk School for a number of years. Mike’s boxes are available at selected galleries. 


Contact Info:

Phone: 252-442-4695
Email: mgstaff@suddenlink.net



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