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Bradenton, FL

I started turning in 1995 when my wife bought me a Craftsman lathe and set of chisels for my birthday.   I was living in the city at the time and had no idea where to find large chunks of word to turn so I glued up some pieces of pine plank I had and became a segmented turner with my first piece.    After retiring from UPS, I took some classes in CAD design and worked with advanced 3 dimensional Cad programs for 12 years before retiring again.  I enjoy working with CAD and use it to design all of my segmented pieces.   I prefer to do pieces that are of my own design and the more complex the better.  I often see a design or process that triggers an idea that I design in CAD, develop a method to build and turn it and then find my ability to design exceeds my ability to turn.  This just leads to more design work to get it right.  I seldom do repeats of the same design, preferring the challenge to do something different.  Some of my recent ideas have come from combining and exploiting existing turning techniques.  This piece combined segmenting, profile turning, inside out turning, and spindle turning to produce.

I am a member of the Florida Westcoast Woodworkers club and have lead their turners group for the last eight years.  I also belong to the AAW Segmented chapter and enjoy attending any of the symposiums I can get to.  I especially am looking forward to the Boston segmented symposium.  


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Email: djwet66@gmail.com



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