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Paul Loseby

Littlethorpe, Leicester, United Kingdom

Following a Marine and Police background, Paul started turning 12 years ago at the age of 55 never having touched a woodworking tool before.  He had suffered a heart attack and needed something to calm him down and a friend suggested he buy a lathe.  He has not looked back since then.

He made friends with UK puzzle turner John Berkeley and through him met and spent time with Eli Avisera, learning from both.  He then wanted to make a pen for his father. With olivewood sourced from Jerusalem by Eli and online lessons and friendship by Don Ward, Paul went on to make many such pens and eventually made a DVD on Pen turning.

Since that time, Paul, for some time, was a regular for Woodturning magazine in the UK writing articles on all aspects of turning.  He also wrote many reviews for the magazine.

More recently, having a home full of round wooden things, Paul has built himself a router table and is currently making small square and rectangular wooden jewellery boxes using vacuum laminating techniques.

Both Paul and his wife Penny and enthusiastic artists in wood and have a joint website at www.wooden-gifts.com


Contact Info:

Email: pen@pens-pens.com
Web Site: http://www.wooden-gifts.com



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