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Ian Salisbury

N. Somerset, UK

Qualified in the 1950s in Electrical and Mechanical engineering, later qualified in Electronics.

  • 1970,s worked for ITT, USA. Based in England, Engineering manager Micro Electronics,
  • 1980,s Worked for Engelhard USA. Based in England, EMS Sales Marketing Director Europe.
  • 1990,s AVX USA. Based in England, R&D Manager Tantalum Capacitors.

Retired in 1999 at 65 years, wondering what to do with my time, became interested in Woodturning in 2008, self  taught.  All my work is using green wood, designed my own wood drying system using humidity control, to speed up manufacture time, getting from tree to final product in 10 weeks, design published on the web “Ian Salisbury low cost kiln” also in Woodturningonline.

In order to further enhance my turning became interested in complex turning. Developed a rig which can be fitted to a standard lathe, design published in Woodturningonline in January 2016.

My specialty is hollow forms of ancient Greek vases from green wood, the lathe I use for this is variable speed nova DVR-XP, and for small work  Axminster Hobby lathe which also the platform for the complex turning rig. And for detail parts a metal lathe and Micro mill.

Member of Avon & Bristol woodturning club, UK, and have given demonstrations to the club.


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Email: ian@salisburyfamily.com



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