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Concord, MA

I have been turning for about 15 years, but only as a sometime hobby.  I am well aware that my turning techniques are not what you would call expert.  But I have fun.  I usually use high gloss finishes and have found the rule about the time to turn versus time to finish is true. 

With rare exceptions these days, my turnings are segmented.  I don’t usually make rings; i.e., the “standard” approach.  Rather I usually cut dados in rectangular blanks and fill the kerfs with splines.  You can make a lot on interesting patterns, particularly across the bottom of a bowl. 

One big advantage of the standard approach is you don’t have to deal with high gloss finishing end grain; with dados and splines you do.

At my age nothing gets better--not physically, not mentally and not financially.  But there is one great exception--grand kids.


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