Club Newsletter Support Program

Join the Club Newsletter Support Program

More Woodturning Magazine knows how hard it is to publish a woodturning club newsletter on a regular basis. Newsletter editors are often faced with finding or creating their own content each month.

To help newsletter editors, More Woodturning Magazine has created a Club Newsletter Support Program. This is a free service for registered club newsletter editiors.

Registered and approved club newsletter editors will receive a monthly email containing:

  • a list of woodturning events
  • a step-by-step tutorial or article which they can include in their newsletter in one of 3 formats:
    • MS-Word (.docx)
    • PDF (.pdf)
    • HTML Link to a web page that displays the content

This email will be sent on the 15th of each month.

In exchange for using this content, newsletter editors indicate that the content came from the More Woodturning Magazine and include the magazine's web site address. In addition, the newsletter editor will include our "link back" image on the club web site. The image can be found here:
Link back web page

To register for this free program, click on this link:
Newsletter Support Program Registration