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Really! Making hollow forms without hollowing tools
By Al Miotke

For: Beginner Turners


I am often asked how I get such a nice looking finish on the inside of my segmented hollow forms. Others want to know what type of hollowing tools I use. There are also forms that appear to be impossible to hollow. So how is it accomplished? The answer to all these questions is a result of not using any hollowing tools on these segmented designs. If you are not familiar with how that is done, this article is for you. I will explain the process I use to turn a hollow form in two parts. We’ll discuss how to make sure the final product has good form, and how to accurately align the pieces for final attachment.  Although this article focuses on a segmented design, this same basic process can be used with solid wood turning. I will cover a few of the differences at the end of the article. 


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