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The Pen Turner's Corner: Turning a Dragon Pen with the Dragon Scales Epoxy Inlay Kit
By Don Ward

For: Intermediate Turners


Penn State Industries has introduced several theme-based pen kits over the last year. These kits have lots of ornamentation and decoration on the metal parts, clips, center-bands and end parts. While a burl-wood or acrylic blank pairs nicely with these kits, a blank with similar decorations/themes would be appropriate. Some of them are the Skull Kit, the Keyhole Kit, the Dragon Kit, the Medieval Kit, The Southwest Kit, Celtic Twist, and the Fly Fishing Kit to name several of them. For example, a blank with skulls would be nice with the skull kit or trout would work nicely with the Fly Fishing Kit. There are some turners who can cast and can make labels with the appropriate theme. Others can use decals to decorate or embellish the blank. Still others can use segmenting skills to create blanks. Personally, I don’t have the patience to segment. I can cast images printed on labels or use decals but I would rather be doing something else!


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