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Segmented Pencil Holder
By Al Miotke

For: Intermediate Turners


My first thought was to write a detailed tutorial on segmented turning for those readers that were interested in trying this type of project for the first time. I quickly realized that I could not do justice to this subject in an article and there are a lot of excellent reference materials available to get anyone started. What can be somewhat confusing is evaluating the different design and assembly options that are used by various authors and segmented turners. In this tutorial, I am going to describe the steps I used to make a pencil holder that was made as a Christmas gift for my daughter who is a teacher. Along the way I will list some of the different approaches you can consider and give some personal opinions. In the end it’s up to the reader to decide what the best technique is for you. As usual, there are wrong ways but there are also many right ways to accomplish a design goal.                


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