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December 2016

Select from mulitple ways to print parts or entire copies of the magazine.

  • You can print individual articles in the magazine by using the "Print Page" link in the magazine menu.

  • On this page, we allow you can print the entire magazine or you can customize which pages you would like to print. Printing fewer sections of the magazine takes less time to download and print.

  • And lastly, we provide you with a way to download a pdf formatted document of the magazine which you can then print.

    However, this method has some shortcomings depending on which computer browser you are using, for example, some browsers will not do mulit-columns and some browsers will cut photos into parts on page breaks.

    And since each magazine consists of 40 to 60 pages, it may take a while even with a high-speed internet connection to download. If you're using a dialup modem, maybe forever :-)


Download Entire Magazine in PDF Format
(be patient as the download can take 15 to 20 seconds)