October 2019



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Thanksgiving Table Setting

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching and what could be better than a holiday table set with woodturned objects that you created? Don’t have many? There’s still time to turn a few! Each of the items listed below are links to interesting how-to articles or videos showing you how to create the various table setting items listed here. Just click on the item for instructions.

Woodturned Royal Pets become Collectors’ Items

Many readers will be familiar with the woodturned Japanese dolls called Kokeshi.

American Chestnut Revival?

A recent report on the United States Department of Agriculture website brings hope for a restoration of American chestnut trees. Extinct for decades, these giant trees once reached a height of more than one hundred feet tall with trunk diameters often well over ten feet.

Wooden Sculpture Treasure Hunt

Thomas Dambo, a Danish artist, has built a series of whimsical wooden sculptures depicting giants that he has hidden in the woods in the western municipalities of Copenhagen. He calls his open air exhibit “The Six Forgotten Giants: An open-air sculpture treasure hunt”. All six sculptures are made from scrap wood with the help of local volunteers. According to Dambo’s website, he wants to “bring art out of the museum, show the beautiful and often overlooked nature spots, and at the same time give an exciting and different experience”.

CFC announces documentary film

The Center for Furniture Craftsmanship in Rockport, ME has announced the online premiere of A Life’s Work: The Philosophy of a Craftsman—a 17-minute documentary by British filmmaker Ben Spilling. The film features CFC’s founder and Executive Director Peter Korn, along with commentary from CFC instructors Tom Caspar, Aaron Fedarko, Beth Ireland, Tim Rousseau, and Craig Satterlee, as well as from gallerist Bebe Johnson and manufacturer Thomas Moser. A Life’s Work was an official selection at the 2018 Architecture Design Art Film Festival in Palm Springs, CA, and the Oxford Film Festival in Oxford, MS. Click here to view.

Pat and Karen Miller win Award of Excellence

Woodturning artists Pat and Karen Miller won the Deena and Jerry Kaplan Award of Excellence given at the Instant Gallery during the 2019 AAW Symposium in Raleigh.for their work titled Decorum.This award is given for a work of exceptional originality, craftsmanship, and artistic quality. You may remember Pat and Karen from our artist profile in the June 2016 edition. Congratulations Pat and Karen!

Top 20 Most-Viewed New Woodturning Videos for September 2019

Rick Morris has created the list of the top twenty most-viewed woodturning videos from September 2019.

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