August 2018



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Fall Woodturning Classes

Next month is "back-to-school" month, and the major woodturning schools have lots of exciting offerings this fall. Why not sign up for one or two? Many of the most popular demonstrators are scheduled to teach at Marc Adams School of Woodworking, John C. Campbell Folk School, and Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts. Here are just a few of the many woodturning classes available at these schools September through December, 2018:

"Topsy Turvy" catalog available for purchase

The catalog for the 2018 WIT (Women in Turning) collaborative project "Topsy Turvy" is now available for purchase. This beautiful piece of woodturned art was part of the AAW Benefit Auction held June 15 and 16, 2018, in Portland. The 58-page, 8.5" square full-color catalog, with two views of each of the fifty-nine unique finger tops, is $20. Proceeds go to support Women in Turning. Click here to see a preview and to order from Lulu. A nice way to support this important organization!

Hunter Tool Systems buying guide

Do you like the Hunter Tool Systems line of carbide turning tools, but aren't sure which one is best for which application? They have a good overview of the four major types of tools (Osprey Tools, Hercules Tools, Tapered Tools, and Badger Tools) on their website, along with video demonstrations of each tool in action. Click here to check it out.

Jim Driskell passes on

It is with great sadness that we report the passing of one of our authors, Jim Driskell, on June 5, 2018. Jim's article called "Making of the Swirl Vessel" was published in the May 2018 edition (see photo of this vessel below).

Interesting Facts about YouTube’s Woodturning Videos by Rick Morris

What is typical length of a woodturning video on YouTube?

Top 20 Most-Viewed New Woodturning Videos for July 2018

Rick Morris has created the list of the top twenty most-viewed woodturning videos from June 2018.

How to use this page: To go to the woodturner's general YouTube channel, click on the woodturner's name in the list below. To see the woodturning video, click on the project name.

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