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2019 Monthly Index

March 2019

Tutorial: Turning a Bowl From Spalted Maple by Rick Morris
Tutorial: Cupped Jewlery Holders by Robin McIntyre
Tutorial: The Penturner’s Corner: Making a Baseball Bat Pen from a Slimline Kit by Don Ward
Article: Production Turning: Concepts, Methods, and an Example by John Tarpley
Article: Cutting thin strips by John Wolf
Article: ANOTHER approach to making a Pencil Holder by Bob Heltman
Meet the Turner: Tim Yoder
Product Review: Working Center, #1 Cygnet Hollower, and Adjustable Hollowers by Hunter Tools. Review by: Kurt Hertzog
Q and A: Working with Sandpaper
Test Your Knowledge Quiz: Wood and alternate turning materials


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February 2019

Tutorial: Making a Two Tiered Spice Carousel by John Tarpley
Tutorial: Turning Small Laminated Bowls by Dennis Daudelin
Tutorial: The Penturner’s Corner: Polymer Clay by Don Ward
Article: Preventing Catches through Tool Control by Lyle Jamieson
Article: Sap Defects in Cherry – Catch City by Steve Reznek
Article: Bridge Bowl(s) by Bob Heltman
Meet the Turner: Toni Ransfield
Product Review: Trigger Style Airbrushes by . Review by: Bill Blasic
Q and A: Best cutter bar size for hollowing
Test Your Knowledge Quiz: Know Your Magazine


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January 2019

Tutorial: Make Your Own Dedicated Negative-Rake Shear Scraper by Rick Morris
Tutorial: Making Finials by Mike Grady
Tutorial: The Penturner’s Corner: Rotating Pen Holder by Don Ward
Article: Embellish your Turnings with an Inexpensive Laser Engraver by Bob Pace
Article: Turner Favorites: lathes, tools, wood—and some good advice by Staff
Article: The History of and Current NEED for Finger Bowls by Bob Heltman
Meet the Turner: Jeff Hornung
Product Review: The Beaded Bowl by Glenn Lucas. Review by: Bill Blasic
Q and A: Dust in the Shop
Test Your Knowledge Quiz: Woodturning New Year Resolutions


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