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2018 Monthly Index

May 2018

Tutorial: Making of the Swirl Vessel by Jim Driskell
Tutorial: Secrets of Turning Pine by Janice Levi
Tutorial: The Penturner’s Corner: Arrow Shaft Pen by Don Ward
Article: Remote Demos offer a Great Option for Club Demonstrations by Dave Hulett
Article: The Golden Ratio by Steve Reznek
Article: Pencil Holder #2 for Sarah by Bob Heltman
Meet the Turner: Matt Harber
Product Review: Multi Center Chuck by Vermec. Review by: Bill Blasic
Q and A: Tool Rest Positioning
Test Your Knowledge Quiz: Truth or Fiction?


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April 2018

Tutorial: Reproduction Antique Stethoscopes by Mike Stafford
Tutorial: Turning Off Center Ducklings by John Wolf
Tutorial: The Pen Turner's Corner: No Press Pen Kits by Don Ward
Article: Some Thoughts on High Gloss Finishes by Steve Reznek
Article: Deer Antler Box by Dick Veitch
Article: Off-Center Pencil Holder by Bob Heltman
Meet the Turner: Holly Denney
Product Review: The Double 9 D by JB's Woodturning. Review by: Rick Morris
Q and A: Bedan use
Test Your Knowledge Quiz: What's in a name?


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March 2018

Tutorial: Turning Stone by Guy Michaels
Tutorial: The Basics of Casting with a Two-part Resin by Sam Angelo
Tutorial: The Pen Turner's Corner: One-Piece Perfect Fit Convertible by Don Ward
Article: Painted Natural Edge Bowls by John Lucas
Article: Making a Square to Octagon Gauge by David Reed Smith
Article: Creating your very own Dibble/Whacker by Bob Heltman
Meet the Turner: Nigel Howe
Product Review: Travel Pack by Thompson Lathe Tools. Review by: Bill Blasic
Q and A: Turning structurally unsound wood
Test Your Knowledge Quiz: Woodturning 101


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February 2018

Tutorial: Turning a Nostalgic Oil Can by Dennis Daudelin
Tutorial: Baseball Bat Pens by David Budnik
Tutorial: The Pen Turner's Corner: Pen and Pencil Set by Don Ward
Article: How to Dry Green Wood - Microwave Oven Process by Paul Rohrbacher
Article: How to Sharpen a Scraper and How it Works by John Wolf
Article: Creating a Spaceship Top by Bob Heltman
Meet the Turner: Bill Bulloch
Product Review: Pen Blank Cutting Fixture by Tim Geist . Review by: Kurt Hertzog
Q and A: Turning green bowl to a thin wall and finish
Test Your Knowledge Quiz: What wood is this?


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January 2018

Tutorial: Stone Inlay in Woodturning by Robert Bley
Tutorial: Designing and Turning Laminated Handles by Frank Penta
Tutorial: The Pen Turner's Corner: Alternative Materials for Pens by Don Ward
Article: What Steel Gets Sharpest by John Lucas
Article: An alternative chucking method by Dick Veitch
Article: Sloped Rim Bowl by Bob Heltman
Meet the Turner: Jim Silva
Product Review: Viceroy Tools by Hunter Tool Systems. Review by: Bill Blasic
Q and A: Live Remote Demonstrations
Test Your Knowledge Quiz: Organizing your shop


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