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2020 Monthly Index

February 2020

Tutorial: Turning a Wig Stand by John Tarpley
Tutorial: Small Wood Pestle and Mortar by Ian Salisbury
Tutorial: The Penturner’s Corner: Alternative materials—Solid Surface Material by Don Ward
Article: Woodturning Index wheel comparison by John Lucas
Article: Ten Tips for Tiny Turning by Staff
Article: On the Lighter Side: Who Said a Bowl’s Rim HAD to be Contiguous? by Bob Heltman
Meet the Turner: Kelly Dunn
Product Review: Nick Agar Signature Series by Chroma Craft. Review by: Bill Blasic
Q and A: Drive Spur Slipping
Test Your Knowledge Quiz: Seven Elements of Art


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January 2020

Tutorial: Needlepoint Caddies by Mike Stafford
Tutorial: Shark Tooth Bowl by James Duxbury
Tutorial: The Penturner’s Corner: Rifle Shell Pen by Don Ward
Article: Wooden Conversation Starter by John Wolf
Article: Drive your Turnings by Dennis Daudelin
Article: On the Lighter Side: From Standpipe to RotoZip to Gorgeous Bowl by Bob Heltman
Meet the Turner: Jim Rodgers
Product Review: Mini Photography Studio Light Tent by . Review by: Bill Blasic
Q and A: Learning by doing a series
Test Your Knowledge Quiz: Safety


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