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May 2018

Monthly Update by Dennis Daudelin, Publisher


Engineers make wood stronger

Art Show: Peters Valley School of Craft

Carl's Mobile Woodturning Shop

Emil Milan: Midcentury Master wins gold medal

Georgia club makes life better for kids through woodturning

What was the first woodturning video published on YouTube?

Top 20 Most-Viewed New Woodturning Videos for April 2018



Making of the Swirl Vessel by Jim Driskell

The Swirl vessel is a fun project. It is made from a laminated wood blank that you create by sanding each layer to create a lively pattern. I originally got the concept from Julian Roslanowski. I enjoy making this type of vessel since many people cannot figure out how you did it.


Secrets of Turning Pine by Janice Levi

Although woodturners are often quick to seek out Norfolk Island pine because of its remarkable rings and knots, they are usually not inspired to turn common pine. If it is turned wet, it is very wet, and if it is turned dry, it is very punky. So, pine is tossed aside in favor of maple, pecan, walnut…. In this article, I hope that by introducing a few simple techniques, pine will become as pleasurable to turn as any other wood. The end results are so dramatic and the “secrets” are so easily applied that any turner can accomplish the task.


The Penturner’s Corner: Arrow Shaft Pen by Don Ward

Remember the “Challenge” pen I’ve written about a couple of times? (See The Pen Turner's Corner: A Slimline Modification: The Challenge Pen, May 2017 edition.) How about the pen made from gluing leather disks together? Did anyone notice any similarities between these two pens?



Remote Demos offer a Great Option for Club Demonstrations by Dave Hulett

I became addicted to woodturning only four years ago, having spent 30 years selling computers for Compaq, DEC, and Hewlett Packard. The Central Arkansas Woodturners club (CAW) in Hot Springs, Arkansas and has been around since 1998 and has had a solid consistent membership. But we are a small club with about 50-70 members so our budget isn’t as big as a club in a major metro area. CAW’s history had been to bring in an outside turner once a year, usually in the fall for a two-day weekend workshop. We’ve had over the years many excellent presenters and teachers: Jimmy Clewes, David Ellsworth, Alan Lacer, Trent Bosch, Molly Winton and others. These workshops have been excellent and we draw people from surrounding areas who are not club members. However, at a cost of $1,500 to $2000, it uses up almost our entire annual budget.


The Golden Ratio by Steve Reznek

What makes a pot or re-curved bowl have a pleasing shape? There are a couple of “rules of thumb” that are discussed in a great book: Richard Raffan’s Turned Bowl Design. I think five are important. Of course, you can make a great looking object that violates any of the rules. But if you stick to these rules you will always be okay:


Pencil Holder #2 for Sarah by Bob Heltman

Last month, I wrote about a pencil holder that I made for a friend’s grand-daughter early last year. Here's a quick summary of that article for those who missed it.


Meet the Turner


Matt Harber,
Highland, MI


New Products:

Measuring Spoon Kits by Penn State Industries

T. Shadow Magic Turning Tools by T. Shadow & Co.

XL Chuckies by Rubber Chucky Products

New Bottle Stopper Mandrels by Stainless Bottle Stoppers

Can Cooler Project Kit by Craft Supplies

Two New Pen Kits from Berea Hardwoods


Questions and Answers: Tool Rest Positioning by Lyle Jamieson

Product Review:


Multi Center Chuck
from Vermec
Review by: Bill Blasic