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November 2017

Editorial by Dennis Daudelin, Publisher


Has the Emerald Ash Borer invaded your state?

Gateway Turners Pool their Resources

Rainforest destroyed by Hurricane Maria

Top 20 Most-Viewed New Woodturning Videos for October 2017


Themed Snow People by David Reed Smith

Some time ago (according to the capture date on a photo I have it was 1999) I made a set of snowman ornaments. This year I thought I would revisit snowmen, but I wanted to upgrade them. I thought I could do better than puff paint for the nose, eyes, and buttons. I wanted sturdier assembly methods than hot-melt glue. Although the twigs I used for arms looked cute, they proved sub-optimal at surviving storage. But mostly I wanted to do themes. I thought I could change the hat, make posable arms of 12-gauge black aluminum wire, and add various accessories to change the look. I started with sports themes such as baseball and football players and skiers. I branched out into occupations, avocations and even horror movies and hula dancers. I ended up with quite a few, as you can see if you visit my SnowPeople Gallery.  Even if I staged a coup and took over the whole magazine there wouldn’t be room to detail how to make all of them, so I’ll just show making a baseball SnowPerson at bat.


Turn a Holiday Tree with Bark on the Base by Robin McIntyre

These trees are crowd pleasers--a great gift for the holidays although many people display them all year long. They sell well at craft fairs. The trees are a nice turning that really shows where it came from--a tree limb! It is important to find a limb with tight bark, assuming you want to keep the bark on the base. Use dry wood to minimize checking since you will be including the pith in the turning. Use a branch that is relatively straight, although it does not need to be symmetrical. Any size blank is possible to use but 7-8" is a good length for your first attempt at this project.


The Penturner’s Corner: Pens from Ancient Kauri and Using a PSI Mandrel Saver by Don Ward

This month, I will cover two topics: Turning Ancient Kauri Wood and How to Use the PSI Mandrel Saver.



Making an Interchangeable Tool Handle by John Wolf

A friend purchased a new tool – a bowl gouge – and wanted a handle for it. He asked my opinion about several brands of purchased tool handles because he knew I had several different ones. My response was “Why not make one!”


Understanding Hot Melt Glue for the Woodturner by Dick Veitch

Hot melt glue is one of the many excellent tools available to help the woodturner. Some may never use it; others from time-to-time; some when they have a difficult remount to turn; and others use hot melt glue as the only way to mount work on the lathe. It is well worth a little study of its makeup and habits to help it work as you wish.


Hammer nut cracker by Ian Salisbury

In England, we have the tradition/ritual of having nuts at Christmas. Typically, we use one of two types of nut crackers. One type looks like pliers. You put the nut between the two levers and apply pressure at the end of the levers, and squeeze. The nut cracks, the levers close (often pinching your fingers), and, if you eat a lot of nuts like I do, you could end up with sore fingers or maybe even blisters. The other kind uses a screw-type design, which is not much better. Every time I use the screw-type cracker I imagine the nut groaning and squealing as it submits to the pressure and finally splits open. I feel like I have just used a medieval torture device. I began to wonder if there was a different way. A way of making the process simple and quick, giving the nut a quick death.


Meet the Turner: Sally Ault, San Diego, CA

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