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May 2019

Monthly Update by Dennis Daudelin, Publisher


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Top 20 Most-Viewed New Woodturning Videos for April 2019



Turning a Tri-Corner Box by Mike Grady

First, let me start by saying the Tri-Corner box is not my design. If you Google "Tri-Corner Box" at least a half-dozen turners will come up, each with their own version of this project. Here I’m using a method similar to the one presented by Steve Ogle on YouTube. In his video Mr. Ogle credits Bob Hamilton and Captain Eddie Castelin for his inspiration and for the methods he uses.  Okay, let’s get started.


Turning a Pill Bottle Box by John Wolf

Serendipity: The occurrence by chance of happy or beneficial events.


The Penturner’s Corner: Resin Casting Pen Blanks by Don Ward

In the April issue I introduced a casting method adapted from art painting called the “flip cup” technique of casting. I failed to mention that once the cup is flipped and the resin has spilled out into the mold, gently moving one of the stir sticks through the casting can enhance--or not--the outcome of the cast. Using any casting technique takes practice to hone the technique to achieve the desired results. I manipulated the black and gold casting using one of the stir sticks. Actually, the colors I used were blaze orange, Phoenix orange, and pewter.



Oh, My Aching Back! by Janice Levi

New turners learn a lot about how to hold the tool properly to cut the wood, how high or how low the tool handle should be, which tool we should use when... The list goes on. We even learn that we’re supposed to “dance” with the tool—that is, we’re supposed to bend the knees and sway from side to side holding the tool in one position while moving our bodies to make the cut. But, there are some things about our stance that we may not have learned.


Lessons from the Springpole Lathe by John Wolf

I've watched Roy Underhill turn with his springpole lathe and with his treadle lathe. Both seemed like an interesting experience that I have yet to try. Unfortunately, I don't know anyone who has either lathe. Therefore, I don't know where to go try one. I've had a copy of Mr. Underhill's plans for building a spring pole lathe from mostly simple construction 2 by 12 lumber for several years. It doesn't seem like a very big project in either cost or time. Consequently, I decided that now was a good time to make one for myself.
I am not sending plans or pictures of the lathe as the plans don't belong to me.
Plans for the lathe can be found in a few places. One source is Roy’s book, By Wedge and Edge. Popular Woodworking magazine (August 2016) also ran an article by Roy on the building of the lathe. If you have the time and money, you could attend a class and learn to build a springpole lathe directly from Roy. And lastly, here is a Sketchup drawing of Roy's double springpole lathe.


On the Lighter Side: Slab Bowls and More--Part 2 by Bob Heltman

Part #1 of this story dealt with using side slabs from lumber mills to find wood turning blanks. Photo 1 shows the blank used in this follow-on article.


Meet the Turner


Bill Abendroth,
Highland, IL


New Products:

Saburrtooth Supreme Cutting Bits

Ack's Woodturner Abrasive Paste and Polishing Paste

Rose Inlay Kit by Kallenshaan Woods

Chuck Plate by Jerry Marcantel

Embellishing Waxes by Hampshire Sheen

Mobile Base Kit

WPF Next Gen Sandpaper by Mirka

Zip Stitch


Questions and Answers: Staying enthused by Lyle Jamieson

Product Review:


The GluBoost System
Review by: Bill Blasic