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July 2018

Monthly Update by Dennis Daudelin, Publisher


Invasive Trees

World's Largest Wood Bowl

New Book on Multi-Axis Turning

GoggleWorks presents Permanent Residency exhibit

Harvey Industries Acquires Bridge City Tool Works

Interesting Facts about YouTube’s Woodturning Videos by Rick Morris

Top 20 Most-Viewed New Woodturning Videos for June 2018



The “Southwest” Laminated Bowl by Rick Fox

Several years ago, a few members of the Chapel Hill Woodturners began to explore the use of laminations in their turning projects, ranging from candlesticks to lidded boxes, goblets, handles and bowls. In late 2017, Elizabeth Prioli presented the Lamination Group with an idea: glue up a bowl blank using a solid top and bottom, and a core made of striped laminations from various wood species. A source of the inspiration came from the pottery of the Acoma Pueblo of the Southwestern U.S.


Using Acrylic in your Segmented Turnings by Wayne Miller

In this tutorial, I show how I use acrylic as the raw material for my segmented turnings.


The Penturner’s Corner: Leather Disk Pen Blank by Don Ward

Well, I do hope that the readers of this column have been trying some of the ideas being offered. I posted a picture of a recent pen from one of my articles on one of the Internet penturning forums. Several versions of it were done and posted within a couple of days and I liked them all. Many improvements were made and even a totally different approach was done with this pen. It’s fun to take an idea and improve upon it.



Make your own nanocarbide shear scraper by Rick Morris

One problem I frequently encounter in bowl turning is torn cross-grain. Recently, I acquired quite a lot of soft maple, and I’ve found that cross-grain tear-out on this wood is almost impossible to avoid. I’ve addressed this issue in the past by shear scraping, either with a swept-back-grind bowl gouge or a large scraper on the exterior of the bowl, and a large scraper on the interior of the bowl. Both tools are effective, but I still end up with some tear-out in the interior of the bowl where the bottom curves into the sidewall, particularly on the soft maple.


The Segment Sucker by Mike Lanahan

Cutting segments for segmented woodturning projects on the table saw is tedious, to be kind.  Anything we can do to reduce the time it takes to do any of the steps is appreciated. 


A Beetle Bored Bowl by Bob Heltman

In a previous article I described a 50-year-old honey locust tree that fell during a wind storm and wiped out both my electrical power and telephone lines. That wood was cut into fireplace-sized logs and brought up to my woodpile, per Photo #1. As you can see, some pieces were fine and ready to split, yet those chunks on the right were so riddled with beetle borings that they were not even fit for firewood.


Meet the Turner


Miriam Carpenter,
New Hope, PA


New Products:

Woodturner Carver Kits by Saburrtooth Tools

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Rt 66 Pen Inlay Kit by Kallenshaan Woods


Questions and Answers: Wood for Glue Blocks by Lyle Jamieson

Product Review:


New Modular Tool Rest System
from Teknatool
Review by: Rick Morris