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February 2017

Editorial by Dennis Daudelin, Publisher


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Turning a Turkey Pot Call by Mike Stafford

Woodturners sometimes get asked to make unusual things when people learn of their hobby. Such was the case when a friend to whom I owe many favors mentioned in conversation that I should try my hand at turning a turkey pot call. I told him I didn’t know the first thing about turkey calls. I don’t hunt and haven’t hunted in almost 50 years. I don’t have anything against hunting; it is just not something I do.


Turning a Square Laminated Plate by Frank Penta

For many years, I have used 4/4 (1 inch thick) wood to turn lazy susans and recently acquired more aesthetically pleasing 4/4 wood. I got to wondering what else besides lazy susans could be turned with 4/4 wood. I discovered that turning square plates with thin wood inserts and strips of lamination was a fun and exciting way to use my 4/4 wood. The wooden plates have been very well received.


Closed-End Pens by Don Ward

Turning closed-end pens is usually one of the steps one takes to start getting away from strictly kit pens. Closed-end pens are one way to start modifying kits to make them a bit more unique.



Woodturner's Widows Assistance Program by Staff

Have you ever glanced around your shop and wondered how your spouse or kids could ever deal with all the tools, the stored wood, the equipment, and the unfinished projects when you pass away?


Finishing Bowl Bottoms by Dick Veitch

There are multiple ways to hold a bowl on the lathe to finish the bottom. In this article, we show you five popular methods using a variety of devices that can be made or purchased for this work. With the bowl securely mounted, further enhancements to the bowl foot are possible. Some suggestions are v-gooves, carving, texturing with tools like the Wagner, Elf or Sorby or even something fancy like a 3-legged foot (see below for instructions and see the photo above).


Weeping over Weeping Cherry by Bob Heltman

In all my born days (of woodturning) I don’t recall a more difficult, almost miserable, type of wood to turn than this log of weeping cherry! What happened was that my woodturning reputation began to get around, locally within our Crab Creek Community Center. So, Wayne J. brought a 4 foot long log, about 11” in diameter over to my studio one day...complete with ends freshly painted to prevent splitting. “Helen A. wanted you to turn some bowls for her” he said.


Meet the Turner: Joey Richardson, Lincolnshire, England

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