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September 2017

Editorial by Dennis Daudelin, Publisher


Binh Pho passes on

News from Arrowmont

Robust Tools Open House

Winners of the 2017 TURNING TO THE FUTURE competition announced

Monster Lathe Tools Closes

Center for Art in Wood's Executive Director steps down

New reality TV show for crafters coming soon

Baseball Bat Dilemma

Top 20 Most-Viewed New Woodturning Videos for August 2017


Layered Segmented Miniature Bowls by Earl Martin

I have enjoyed seeing Jim McPhail’s miniature layered bowls. However, I wanted to do something a little different. I decided that turning a miniature layered bowl with a segmented center would be a nice variation on Jim’s technique. My problem was that I did not want to invest the time in cutting, fitting and gluing segmented pieces together to create a segmented center band.


Turning a Tealight Holder from Scrapwood by Jason Swanson

I turn lots of peppermills and saltmills from segmented staves. I really love the way that I can match the colors to create beautiful turnings. But I end up with lots of remains from the turning process. I needed to figure out how to take the best advantage of this wonderful scrapwood. Follow along as I show you how I use some of this scrap wood to turn a tea light.


Pen Turners' Corner: Turning a One-Piece Cigar Pen by Don Ward

The South West Association of Turners’  (aka SWAT) symposium for 2017 is now history. I will have more news from SWAT in a later article. I met several More Woodturning Magazine readers and, more importantly, readers of my articles. Thanks for the positive comments and encouragement. Emails are welcome with comments or suggestions for future topics. Email me directly or via the More Woodturning Magazine website.



Pen-Blank Drilling Jig by Raymond Sprouse

Use this jig to securely hold your pen blank while drilling a perfect center hole all the way through your blank. This jig ensures that your drill bit will not exit the side of your pen blank and removes your fingers from the danger zone of your drill press.


Perfect Circle Template by Dick Veitch

You will need a Perfect Circle Template to determine the outside shape when making a sphere to a predetermined diameter or getting part of a turning to look spherical. Then you may need all or part of a smaller circle if the curve inside the work is to match the curve outside.


Turning a Two-Handed File Handle from Rare Chinese Wax Wood by Bob Heltman

The wood from White Wax Wood saplings has been prized in China for thousands of years. It is an ideal material from which to fashion fighting rods, spear shafts, and walking sticks, because it is tough, hard, flexible, and can absorb shock without breaking.


Meet the Turner: Bruce Berger, Westlake Village, CA

New Products:

CBN Lathe Mandrels from WoodTurners Wonders

New Concave Cutters by Saburrtooth

South Florida Woods by Brian A. Seguin

Micro Tools from Easywood Tools

New Bottle Stopper Mandrel

Two New Pen Kits from Kallenshaan Woods

Questions and Answers: Keeping Faceshields Clean

Product Reviews: Baxter’s Thread Master