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April 2017

Editorial by Dennis Daudelin, Publisher


Top 20 Most-Viewed New Woodturning Videos for April 2017

Arbor Day is April 29

NICHE Magazine Announces Finalists for Woodturning

Call for entries: Wharton Esherick Museum Woodworking Competition

2017 POP winners at the Gallery of Wood Art


Turn a Bag Clip by David Reed Smith

A bag clip is a utilitarian object that from an economic standpoint makes no sense at all to make yourself. No matter how trivial a value you place on your time, for the value of making one of these bag clips you could buy a bagful of plastic clips. Or stop by an office supply store for a bunch of binder clips. Or, for that matter, get by for free by saving the rubber bands that hold bunches of broccoli together (yes, of course you should eat your broccoli).


Turn a Pot-Maker for the Gardener in your Family by Andy Kuby

With the beginning of gardening season at hand, getting a head start on your seedlings should be a priority. Here’s a time-tested appliance that makes seedling pots from ordinary newspaper.  You could buy one on Amazon, but why not be ecologically responsible and make one yourself from the recycled wood in the back of your shop?


Stabilizing Wood at Home using Cactus Juice by Don Ward

This month, I want to explain how you can stabilize wood at home. I will often stabilize soft woods, spalted wood, and punky pen blanks which makes otherwise useless pieces of wood quite suitable for pen making. Some of the nicest blanks I have used were really soft punky or spalted wood pen blanks. It is really nice to have a system to use in my shop that will make these blanks useful and beautiful without having to send them to a commercial stabilizing company.



Exploring Color with Metal Reactive Paint by Sam Angelo

Several years ago I discovered VerDay Paint offered by Ten Second Studio. Their paint system allows you to create surfaces that have a patina that looks like brass, iron, copper, or bronze.


A Wavy One-Winged Bowl by Dick Veitch

For your first one-winged bowl I suggest you start with a block of medium density wood about 2 x 3 x 8 inches. This should be a perfect rectangle or the feet may end up uneven.  Future variations may utilize different shapes or include natural edges.


How to Keep your Lathe Alive by Angelo Schembari

This set of procedures originally appeared on the Hudson Valley Woodturners website. Our thanks to author Angelo Schembari and club president Jeff Knichel for permission to share it with our readers.


Meet the Turner: Harvey Crouch, Corpus Christi, Texas

New Products:

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Band Saw Tension Gauge by Monarch Industrial

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