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February 2020

Monthly Update by Dennis Daudelin, Publisher


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Top 20 Most-Viewed New Woodturning Videos for January 2020



Turning a Wig Stand by John Tarpley

Recently my local turning club has begun a new service project to turn and donate wigs stands to our local area chapter of the Susan G. Coleman Foundation. This group provides wigs for patients who are undergoing chemotherapy treatments. They did not have a source for stands so that the wigs can be properly stored when not in use and also as an aid in styling and caring for the wigs. Our club is trying to fill this need.


Small Wood Pestle and Mortar by Ian Salisbury

A friend asked me if I could make a small 2.5-inch square pestle and mortar; they wanted one which could be put away in the cupboard, with the spices and herbs, unlike larger ones that had to be left on the kitchen worktop.


The Penturner’s Corner: Alternative materials—Solid Surface Material by Don Ward

When I started penturning in the late 1990’s there was not much information readily available to access to learn or ask about making pens on the wood lathe. This is no longer true! With the development of the World Wide Web, or the internet as we know it, along with the various social media platforms, various forums, and YouTube, information is easily available. Want to know how to make a pen blank using some strange or exotic material? A Google® search will quickly find that information if it is available.



Woodturning Index wheel comparison by John Lucas

Over the years I have done a lot of indexing on the lathe. For those who don’t know what indexing is, it is a way to lock the spindle in a number of various repeatable positions so that you can carve, sand, drill, etc. to create new designs in wood.  


Ten Tips for Tiny Turning by Staff

What is it about those really small woodturned objects that is so intriguing? We love to look at them, to hold them, to wonder how in the world they were created. In his introduction to William Duce's The Fine Art of Small-Scale Woodturning, David Ellsworth, who has created hundreds of fascinating tiny turnings, speculates that they are compelling because they are so disproportionate to the scale of humans, drawing from us unexpected, untapped emotions. For whatever reason, these little beauties are appealing to almost everyone.


On the Lighter Side: Who Said a Bowl’s Rim HAD to be Contiguous? by Bob Heltman

To my very pleasant surprise, this bowl of native cherry has turned out to be absolutely captivating to the viewer. One wants to pick it up, touch it here and there, turn in over, feel puzzled and impressed; wondering.


Meet the Turner


Kelly Dunn,
Hawi, Hawaii


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