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September 2018

Monthly Update by Dennis Daudelin, Publisher


SOFA dates announced

Top woods to turn

Chicago Tree Project


A wooden dress

Young woodturner wins award

Top 20 Most-Viewed New Woodturning Videos for August 2018



Off Center Box - Oak and Walnut by Tod Raines

This little project was made for a Hunt County Woodturners club challenge in February 2018. The night before I turned this I got inspired by the possibility of having a sense of movement in a box. I wanted the box to look like it was on the move and for the shape to evoke a sense of action. Let me know if you get this feeling or sense from this piece.


Graceful candlestick holder by Robin McIntyre

This project is a fun one for beginners. It is a spindle turning with your blank initially held safely betwen centers. Then you will move to the wood being held in your scroll chuck. The project is fast and easy to make.


The Pen Turner's Corner: One Piece Slimline Pencil by Don Ward

Before I start this month’s article, I want to go back to last month. I did not have a kit to make a pen to show off one of the Gisi style blanks I made. I now have the correct kit and will show the completed pen.



Woodturners – YouTube Wants You! by Rick Morris

YouTube has a thriving woodturning community. For the last two years, I have maintained a database of YouTube woodturning channels and videos. As of this writing, I have found 716 channels on YouTube that are devoted solely to woodturning. That is a large number of woodturners who are displaying their work and techniques online. I have also found over 23,000 woodturning videos from active woodturning channels, inactive woodturning channels, and channels that are only partially devoted to woodturning (such as woodworking channels). That’s a lot of videos to watch (I’m getting really sleepy, but I’ll get through them).


Adjustable Jig Settings for an Ellsworth grind by Mike Lanahan

While holding Turn-n-Learn workshops and a Sharpening demo at our monthly club meeting, the Ellsworth grind has come up several times. David Ellsworth has developed a particular grind for a bowl gouge which he advocates, and he sells a gouge pre-ground and a unique sharpening jig to maintain the configuration of the grind. There is a lot of misinformation on how to get this grind with other sharpening jigs, so what is one to do if they don’t have, or don’t want to shell out $44.95 for a sharpening jig “unitasker” (in Alton Brown terms)?
First of all, it is important to note that the Ellsworth gouge is available in either 1⁄2” ($80.63, click here for more info) or 5/8” ($104.99, click here for more info) sizes (if you buying a British brand, you may see 3/8" and 1/2" since they measure the inside of the flue). The gouges have a parabolic flute shape (Photo 1) not “U” (Photo 2) or “V” shaped (see Photo 1 and 2),. You can’t get the same grind on a gouge with a different shaped flute, and it would not perform the same. I’ve seen an attempt to recreate this grind on the wrong flute shape, and let’s just say, it’s not pretty. You may need to physically look down the flute to determine the shape, since many (most?) manufacturers don’t describe the shape of their gouge flutes.


Preparing a Log for Key Cuts by Bob Heltman

An unknown neighbor did a great good deed, and when his sainted time comes he will go straight up with no hesitations and angels singing. This is because he dropped off a goodly load of locust logs cut for fireplace size…and also for making bowl blanks. See Photo #1


Meet the Turner


William Prickett,
Bemidji, Minnesota


New Products:

StopLossBags from Finishing Solutions

Carpenter's Pen Inlay Kit by Kallenshaan Woods

301/701 Angle Gauge by Stainless Steel Bottlestoppers

Band Saw Wizard from Wizard Jigs

Thermal Finger Covers from Treeline

Segmented Epoxy Pen Blanks by Berea Hardwoods


Questions and Answers: Adapters and Faceplates by Lyle Jamieson

Product Review:


Ultra-Shear Carbide Turning Tools
from Woodpeckers
Review by: John Lucas