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November 2019

Monthly Update by Dennis Daudelin, Publisher


Free Wood Identification Service

Fresh Wood Chips as Mulch?

AAW Call for Entries

Ray Key Collaborations released

Porter-Cable Table Saw Recall

New Safety Device for Table Saws

Top 20 Most-Viewed New Woodturning Videos for October 2019



Overlay Ornament by David Reed Smith

Originally I was going to call this ­­article Obtarsia Ornament (for intarsia on an orb). But I make a batch of ornaments for relatives and friends each year and the idea of making that many ornaments with many little parts was too daunting. So, I decided to use simpler designs and a less ambitious sounding name. You could, of course, use the techniques and jigs to make a full intarsia ornament. I made a red-nosed reindeer. Once.


Turning a Birdhouse Ornament by Mike Grady

The inspiration for this project came several years ago, from my friend Jim Leatherwood who gave a demonstration on his birdhouse ornament for the Cape Cod Woodturners. I liked it so much that I gave it a try. This handout reflects my own personal style developed over several years and addresses the techniques that I now use, but I give Jim credit for the original design and the inspiration.


The Penturner’s Corner: Alternative Materials - Alligator Jawbones by Don Ward

I once introduced readers to blanks made from alligator jawbones. They are made from real alligator jawbone sections cast with resins using one color or mixed colors. Some are making blanks with stabilized and dyed jawbones and use contrasting resin dyes when casting.



A Tale of Nine Bowls by Dennis Daudelin

When I first started turning in the late 1990’s, I took a few classes to learn the basics of bowl turning. The classes taught me how to use and sharpen turning tools. I got lots of wood from my local club and over time learned how to harvest my own. I learned from club members that a bowl existed inside each piece of wood and all I had to do was find it.


A Cautionary Tale by John Wolf

I recently donated a number of turned items to a charity auction. I decided to make a smallish bowl – about 8” in diameter – with some decorative embellishment, to add to my now-diminished stock of finished items. I've used color, grain accent, and piercing recently on bowls made from a solid piece of wood (non-segmented, in other words). I wanted to use a solid piece for this bowl so I took an ash blank from the barn. I quickly roughed out the general shape.


Pen, Flashlight, Nail File, Note Pad, & Mileage Booklet Holder for Car Cupholder by Bob Heltman

My Ford F-150 truck has four cupholders. Two are in a pull-out tray under the dashboard, and two are located in the console between passenger and driver. See Photo 1.


Meet the Turner


Russ Braun,
Southern California


New Products:

Saburrtooth introduces Supreme Wheels, Discs, Cuts and Buzzouts

Ultra-Shear Parting Tool from Woodpeckers

New Turner's Edge Gouges from Robust

Decorative Loops by Stainless Bottle Stoppers

Key Ring Lighter Kits by Craft Supplies

The Surfix Ballpoint Pen Kit from Berea Hardwoods

New 20 Inch EVS Drill Press from Jet

New Sanding Conversion Backer Pads from WoodTurners Wonders


Questions and Answers: Buffing pieces with holes or cracks by Lyle Jamieson

Product Review:


ACKS Woodpaste
from ACKS
Review by: Bill Blasic