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March 2020

Monthly Update by Dennis Daudelin, Publisher


World's Largest Chainsaw

Wood dust on dangerous substances list

Turning Spalted Wood Course

Creative Club Newsletter Names and Newsletter Award

New research into how wood is formed

Top 20 Most-Viewed New Woodturning Videos for February 2020



Needle Cases by Mike Stafford

The most important tools that any person engaged in needlepoint, i.e. surface embroidery of canvas, use are the needles themselves. High quality needles are expensive and are prized by those involved in this craft/art. Great care is taken to protect and preserve those needles.


Two Oval (Elliptical) Dishes by Nico Oosthoek

To turn an oval dish, you typically need a special machine, like a rose engine, or a lathe accessory, like an oval turning attachment. Both options are rather expensive.


The Penturner's Corner: Repairing Cracked Pens and My Favorite Pens by Don Ward

Cracked wooden barrels are not uncommon with the pens we make. Wood moves with temperature and humidity changes. Some woods, such as snakewood and ebony, are quite prone to cracking. I’ve had pens crack after shipping to customers who live in climates much different from what we have here in northTexas. Other materials can also crack. Most of the materials I’ve had crack were natural ones such as wood, antler, bone, and ivory. I have used small pieces of pre-ban ivory for accent rings but they often cracked. I no longer use any ivory. There are too many other materials to use for accent rings.



Live Center Accessory by John Wolf

I'm sure that you use your live center in both spindle turning and face plate work just as I do. There are occasions when I want to use it to apply pressure to help stabilize or to hold a piece in place, but I don't want a hole made by the point or a circular cut made by the cup. On occasion I have wedged a piece of scrap between the live center's point and the workpiece. That can work, but it can also easily slip resulting in a wobble, or in the worst case, a lost turning.


Faceplate Rings (Do they go on your fingers or toes – or nose?) by Rick Morris

Does your faceplate ring? No, that’s just your ears, you’re getting old!


On the Lighter Side: Resurrecting that Old Cherry Tree by Bob Heltman

About 22 years ago I planted some fruit trees…pears, cherry, peach, plum…around seven in total. The problem was two-fold. First, we live in the foothills of Western North Carolina, so when the trees bloom in Spring, most often the late frost kills the blooms resulting in little or no fruit. Second, the birds and insects take care of about all the rest. While the plum tree produced one season of bountiful and delicious plums, one of the cherry trees succumbed to insects. See Photo 1, the remaining stump where we just cut down that tree.


Meet the Turner


Bob Rotche,
Blacksburg, VA


New Products:

Sundstrom Pandemic Flu Kit

The Easy Turn Chucky by Rubber Chucky

Supreme Sanding Sleeves by Saburrtooth

Woodturner Jackets by Glenn Lucas

One-Piece Drive Spur from Woodturners Wonders

Depth Finders from Trent Bosch

Circuit Board Pen Sheet Kit by Berea Hardwoods

19-32 Combination Brush/Drum Sander from Laguna


Questions and Answers: CA Glue Caps by Lyle Jamieson

Product Review:


Half-mask Safety Respirator and Sharpening Tools
from Trend Routing Technology Inc.
Review by: Bill Blasic