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July 2017

Editorial by Dennis Daudelin, Publisher


SWAT Woodturning Symposium

Turnabout--Women at the Lathe Exhibit

Lawsuits over lumber size descriptions

New Powermatic 3520C Coming Soon

SawStop to be acquired by TTS Tooltechnic Systems

Newly Announced Locations of Upcoming AAW Symposia

Top 20 Most-Viewed New Woodturning Videos for June 2017


Turned and Nested Drink Coasters by David Reed Smith

My wife asked for more coasters.  We have a nice quartet of square glass ones I had gotten at the ACC (American Craft Council) Craft Fair years ago, but we had hidden one of them from ourselves.  I thought the square ones were more interesting than plain round ones and knew I could easily make them square by using waste wood and temporary joints.  I also decided to mimic the little plastic feet on the bottom of the corners of the glass coasters by turning a bead on the bottom, out near the corners, and did a prototype.  The prototype turned out reasonably well except you couldn’t really tell there was an undercut bead on the corners when the coaster was right side up.  While looking at the prototype, it dawned on me that if I adjusted the inner diameter of the feet and cut the inside of the foot vertically, then the coasters would nest when stacked into an eight-pointed star.


Designing and Turning Laminated Wood by Frank Penta

Creating laminated wood is simple, fun and extremely satisfying. Laying out patterns with different available woods is like being back in the third grade playing with colors. It is an opportunity to let your imagination run wild.


THE PENTURNER'S CORNER: Hexagonal Pen Barrels by Don Ward

Penn State Industries introduced the Vertex pens a couple of years ago. The metal nib and clip ends have hexagon sections. Ever since I first made one of the vertex click pens I though how nice it would look if the barrel had a hexagon shape as well. The vertex pens are available in a click version as well as rollerballs and fountain pen. The rollerballs and fountain pens have magnetic caps. The cap easily posts magnetically onto the nib and back of the pen without the use of threads. The vertex pens can be seen on the PSI website at



Photographing your Art Work - Part 1 by John Lucas

Many people find themselves needing better quality images to display on the web or enter juried craft shows. I worked for Tennessee Tech University as a photographer for 26 years. The Appalachian Center for Crafts was part of our school so I got to shoot a lot of artwork--everything from jewelry and knives, to glass, ceramic, fiber and lots of furniture and turning. I did a lot of research on what it takes to get my artist-clients into the top shows and into magazines and books and was quite successful at this. I also taught my clients and others how to photograph their work using inexpensive equipment. I will try to explain some simple techniques in this article and then follow this with another article or two on more advanced techniques.


Art from Artifacts--the JFK Summer White House project by Robin McIntyre

May 30 marked what would have been the 100th birthday of John Fitzgerald Kennedy. On Cape Cod, Massachusetts, JFK is revered not only as our 35th President, former Congressman, world/national/state leader, but also as a neighbor. 


Encasing a Widow's Mite by Bob Heltman

Some months back--last year actually--I was given a bunch of OLD wall plaques. I made a few bowls, after gluing three or more plaques together, a pencil holder, and a couple of shallow dresser top trays for keys, etc.


Meet the Turner: Michael Alguire, Datil, New Mexico

New Products:

Woodturner PRO announces Segment PRO

Four-inch Flat Disc Cutters from Saburrtooth Tools

Lathe Track Rack System with Super Nova Lamp by Woodturners Wonders

New, Smaller Threaded Brass Inserts by Rick Brantley

DVD: Coloring and Scratching the Surface by Trent Bosch

Wonder Weave Pro Net Sanding Discs from WoodTurners Wonders

Questions and Answers: Figurative Turnings

Product Reviews: Tapered Deep Hollowing System