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January 2019

Monthly Update by Dennis Daudelin, Publisher


Smoky Mt. Turners help Children's Hospital

Resolution: 100 vases and bowls

Penn State Industries Recalls Quick Change Jaw Chuck Systems

Ron Kent passes away

Women in Turning EXCHANGE

Turned and Sculpted Wood 2019

Anderson Ranch Artists in Residence Program

Turners' Consort

Top 20 Most-Viewed New Woodturning Videos for December 2018



Make Your Own Dedicated Negative-Rake Shear Scraper by Rick Morris

Shear scraping is a great way to get a better, smoother finish on a turned item. I always shear scrape as my last tool use on the outside and inside of a bowl (although it’s a bit trickier on the inside). For years I’ve used a large round scraper for this, holding it at a 45-degree vertical angle to get the shearing action. I thought that there had to be a better way.


Making Finials by Mike Grady

My finial design includes four elements: the tip, the stem, the onion, and the pedestal. I stay with one design at a time. This way I’m able to judge the shape and size without much measuring and my muscle memory is in sync with the shape I’m trying to create.


The Penturner’s Corner: Rotating Pen Holder by Don Ward

The holidays are over and I really do not want to make any pens for a while. Making pens for the last two months for personal gifts as well as pens for several yearly customers has been a chore. Nor, do I want to write about making pens.



Embellish your Turnings with an Inexpensive Laser Engraver by Bob Pace

Many turners are looking for different ways of enhancing their pens and calls. One way is to offer the ability to add engraving to personalize each turned item with engraved names, logos or whatever the customer wants. Until recently this was something that was out of reach of most of us due to the high cost of laser engraving equipment. One option was to outsource this work to one of the various places that offer an engraving service; however, this can be expensive as well as not always being available when you need it.


Turner Favorites: lathes, tools, wood—and some good advice by Staff

Have you ever wondered what kind of lathe, tools, and wood other turners use? To find out, we took a look at the answers to the questions "What is your favorite lathe/tool/wood?" in the forty-one interviews we have published in our Meet the Turner column since it began in 2015. While doing this research, we also looked at the answers to the question "What advice do you have for new woodturners" and added those recommendations, too.


The History of and Current NEED for Finger Bowls by Bob Heltman

It certainly used to be the case than any properly set dinner table would have finger bowls semi-filled with fresh water.  “Semi” because such bowls are just half filled so when soiled fingers are draped therein, and swished about, dirty water does not get on fine table linens.  Here are examples:


Meet the Turner


Jeff Hornung,
St. Louis, MO


New Products:

New Cat and Dog Inlay Kits from Kallenshaan

Titebond Translucent Wood Glue

Two-Piece Ring Cores from Craft Supplies

Redesigned 22-44 and 25-50 Drum Sanders from Jet Tools

The New Orion Line of Pinless Wood Moisture Meters by Wagner Meters

Brass and Pewter Walking Stick Medallions by Treeline


Questions and Answers: Dust in the Shop by Lyle Jamieson

Product Review:


The Beaded Bowl
from Glenn Lucas
Review by: Bill Blasic