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July 2019

Monthly Update by Dennis Daudelin, Publisher


Vegetable Oil for Chainsaws

Laguna Artisans: Ashley Harwood

New TEDx Woodturning Talk

New Jersey Woodturners donate to children’s hospital

New Digital Circuit Breakers Approved

SWAT Symposium

Top 20 Most-Viewed New Woodturning Videos for June 2019



Turn your own Beer Tap Handle by David Budnik

As more enthusiasts take up home brewing their own craft beer, in-home dispensers for that beer are becoming more popular. After my daughter asked me to make a couple of tap handles for her husband’s man-cave kegerator, it became an interesting, simple and shareable turning project.


Inlaid Rings by David Reed Smith

You can make quite a few interesting patterns by inlaying rings into a reasonably flat area of a project. But I used to have trouble getting them to fit as well as I liked. It’s not all that easy to lay out a ring on a project and even if you get it right, a pencil width is much too much error. I tried a hole saw with the center drill removed but minor errors in tailstock centering would change the ring thickness and diameter. Then it occurred to me that if I turned a dado on the end of the ring stock I could do an ordinary cut/test process and sneak up on the inside fit. Then I could flip the ring stock over and repeat the cut/test on the outside of the ring. The resulting fit would only be dependent on my patience, eyesight, and practice.


The Penturner’s Corner: Herringbone Segmented Pen Blanks by Don Ward

I will start by admitting that I do not make segmented pen blanks. I do not have the patience to cut a pen blank into pieces then glue them back together. But, I do admire those who make segmented pen blanks and other segmented turnings, especially after this entry into segmenting. I will continue to admire and look at segmented turnings but I do not see a lot of segmenting in my woodturning future.



Make a Drop-Point Hollowing Tool by Rick Morris

Over the last ten years or maybe even fifteen years or so, there have been a number of hollowing tools appearing that use a small circular lipped carbide cutter mounted on an angle to the tool shaft. They’ve always interested me, but they cost in the neighborhood of $140 - $165 (for me, that’s an expensive neighborhood), and I didn’t want to risk that much cash on a tool which I wasn’t sure would be an improvement over a bowl gouge. Recently, I decide to take the cheapskate road and build and test one myself.


Binary Random Decision Generator by John Wolf

Life is filled with opportunity. That can be great, but it can also be difficult to make the “correct” decision in order to benefit from that opportunity. Case in point: I usually core several bowl blanks from a section of wood. Several years ago the emerald ash borers swept through my part of the country. Some of those trees became bowl blanks and other turning stock. I cored a 14” diameter piece into three bowls and put them in my barn to dry. I got that nest of blanks out recently and discovered – well, actually rediscovered – that the middle bowl was a bit deeper than intended. This made the largest bowl blank very thin on the bottom. Decision time again. Should I keep the big blank? If so, what should I do with it? I did decide to keep it (just as I did when I was originally coring the bowls out), and to turn it into what I call a "binary random decision generator".


On the Lighter Side: Safety versus Safety and Comfort by Bob Heltman

It is wisely and periodically advised that all woodturners do NOT wear gloves, loose clothing, long sleeved shirts, NOR allow dangling hair strands, long beards, loose wires or string, long ear rings or anything at all that might catch in a spinning lathe because such attire might terribly wound the woodturner.


Meet the Turner


Joe Herrmann,
Rock Creek, Ohio


New Products:

New Assorted Cutter Kit from Saburrtooth

New DVD from Curt Theobald

African Animal Inlay Pen Kits from Kallenshaan Woods

New VerDay Metal Reactive Paint Supplier

The Sierra Diverse Ballpoint Pen Kit from Berea Hardwoods

Bushing Buddy Organizer by Penn State Industries

New Jet 15-Inch Planers

Swiss Multi-Tool Tick Remover from Lee Valley


Questions and Answers: Dealing with Shavings in your Hollow Forms by Lyle Jamieson

Product Review:


Woodturning Devices for Your Lungs
from WoodRiver; Totobobo; Duxterity; and RZ Mask
Review by: Bill Blasic