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January 2020

Monthly Update by Dennis Daudelin, Publisher


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Needlepoint Caddies by Mike Stafford

Most artisans and crafters use a variety of tools. As one accumulates and learns to use more tools there are problems that must be addressed: how to store and find your tools. Every time I walk into my shop, I realize I have a tool storage and organization problem. It is possible that I have a tool purchasing problem. Notice I did not say I have too many tools. I happen to have another member of my family who has a tool storage and organization problem; namely, my wife.


Shark Tooth Bowl by James Duxbury

“Water flowing up hill,” “A house fire in Rome,” “Nude on the balcony.” Where do artists get these names? I don’t get it. Maybe you have to turn the piece over? I can turn almost anything on a lathe but naming the piece boggles my mind. Or maybe I am catching on.


The Penturner’s Corner: Rifle Shell Pen by Don Ward

As most of the readers of this column will know I make several styles of pens using rifle shell cases. I use a real copper clad bullet for the writing end where the ink refill tip protrudes. There are several styles of pen kits related to rifles, pistols and other shooting sports. I have written about making pens using rifle cases and real bullets based on the slimline kit. There is an interesting rifle cartridge ballpoint made by Berea Hardwoods. It comes in both twist and click models. And, it uses a Parker™ style refill instead of a Cross™ style. I like the looks of this pen very much. The lines are clean and I think the pen has a very classy look even though the theme is a rifle shell. Penn State Industries, aka PSI, also sells a similar pen kit. There is both a twist and click version of this pen. I will be working with the twist version but the process can be used with other bullet pen kits. Check with your favorite Berea or PSI reseller to see the selection of pen kits with firearm themes.



Wooden Conversation Starter by John Wolf

Every now and then I stumble upon a turning project that has no practical purpose but is sufficiently interesting that I just must make it. I read a couple of articles and watched a few videos on such a project. It seems probable that the idea for this style of project originated with a talented Irish turner, Max Brosi. You can learn more about Max on his Facebook page. As there is little in woodturning that is truly original, this is my version of this style of project.


Drive your Turnings by Dennis Daudelin

When you first start to turn wood, one of the first principles that you learn is “turning between centers”. This is loosely defined as mounting a piece of wood between the headstock and the tailstock. In the tailstock, we almost always use a live center. It’s just a Morse Taper mounted tool with bearings that allow a center point with an enclosing ring to hold one end of the wood. Over the years, this tool seems to have evolved into a common shape and size. In the headstock, we use a drive center to connect to the wood and to convert the motor power into the rotation of the turning blank. This drive center can consist of a lot of different tools and is the subject of this article.


On the Lighter Side: From Standpipe to RotoZip to Gorgeous Bowl by Bob Heltman

An invention happens in one of two ways: either it is something completely brand new, which is rare, or the combination of old things in new ways. With hard work, the invention can be brought to market and even succeed in making money, like Edison’s light bulb of many years ago.


Meet the Turner


Jim Rodgers,
Martinez, CA


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