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March 2017

Editorial by Dennis Daudelin, Publisher


Center for Furniture Craftsmanship Woodturning Workshops

Woodturner Exhibitors at the Smithsonian Craft Fair

Wood Art Expo announces 2017 winners

Top 20 Most-Viewed New Woodturning Videos for February 2017


Multi-Generation Laminations by Al Miotke

If you are looking for a segmenting challenge, give a multi-generation feature ring a try. Starting with a simple lamination followed by good planning, and precise cutting, the possibilities are endless. The second generation design shown above will be explained in detail along with the tools and techniques required so you can create your own unique designs.


Making a Segmented Stave Box by Jason Swanson

Many of you know that I make peppermills from segmented staves. I demonstrated how to do this in a previous More Woodturning Magazine article (January 2016). Typical of many woodturners, I save all my cut-offs rather than throwing them out, knowing that someday I can come up with a useful purpose for every one of them. Today, I'm going to make a turned lidded box from one of the peppermill end cuts.


Turning Closed-End Rollerball and Fountain Pens by Don Ward

Last month I explored several ways to hold a pen blank, with a blind hole, from which to turn a closed-end pen (Click here to read the article). This month I will explain some of the ”behind the scenes” planning needed prior to turning Rollerball and Fountain Pens. I will discuss things such as the blank’s length, the holes to be drilled and how long they should be, and other nuances of turning a closed-end pen. The drilled hole must not only accommodate the pen tube but also the rollerball refill, the cartridge or the converter for a fountain pen. The hole for a fountain pen is the most forgiving but the hole for a rollerball must be spot on for the rollerball refill. Then, I will chronicle the actual turning of a couple of closed-end pens.



A Woodturning Retreat by Staff

Most of us have had the pleasure of attending a woodturning symposium, workshop, or class. We look over the various catalogs from the woodworking schools, check out the events listings here in More Woodturning Magazine, and look forward to attending a symposium or two each year. But wouldn’t it be nice if we didn’t have to travel to have a multi-day learning event?


Commissionaire Box by Dick Veitch

This box was adapted from Chris Stott's Commissionaire Box, which is Box 40 in his book Turned Boxes: 50 Designs (see photo 1). In his book, Chris says the name for the box came from an observation by the person who drew the plans for his book (Alan Neal). Alan said the profile looked like a commissionaire's hat. Judge for yourself from the two photos below!


New CWA President: John Beaver by Staff

Editor’s note: If you have been turning for a while, you most likely know John Beaver.  John has received many awards (including a coveted first place Niche award in 2012 and 2015), has taught at several of the well-known woodworking schools, conducts workshops and demonstrations at clubs and symposia across the country and internationally, and is the author of many published articles. He has contributed to this magazine in two ways: first in a “Meet the Turner” artist profile in September of 2015 and again as the author of one of our most popular articles: “Photography and Woodturning: From the Specifics to the Inspirational” in our August 2016 edition.


Meet the Turner: Keith Gotschall, Salida, Colorado

New Products:

The AXE: New Carbide Turning Tools by Carter Products

New Concave Cutter with 1/8 Inch Shank from Saburrtooth

Spot On Double Stop Caliper from Woodturners Wonders

Vacuum Cone Sets from Rubber Chucky

New Jet 1836 Drum Sander

Revolver Pen Kit from Penn State Industries

New release: Woodturning Techniques--Furniture and Cabinet Making

Knives you can lose from Lee Valley

Questions and Answers: More on Sanding

Product Reviews: AXE Carbide Turning Tools