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November 2018

Monthly Update by Dennis Daudelin, Publisher


Early Registration Begins at Arrowmont

Your Next T-Shirt

When a Regular-Sized Peppermill is Just Not Big Enough

High-Frequency probe shows trees growing faster but weaker

Wig Stands for Cancer Patients

Recall of Ridgid Wet/Dry Vacuums

Stephen Mark Paulsen passes away

Top 20 Most-Viewed New Woodturning Videos for October 2018



Turning a Core Laminated Hot Air Balloon Ornament by Bob Baucom

I enjoy making turned ornaments. One of the most popular ones has been my Hot Air Balloon Ornament. I turn the balloon portion of the ornament and then decorate it with acrylic paints like the one below. Many years ago I documented how I created them and this new tutorial is an exciting variation of my process.


Inside Out Angel Christmas Ornament by Jason Swanson

Making Christmas ornaments for the holiday season is a lot of fun and these can either be given away to friends or family or sold at local craft fairs. Rather than turn the typical globe and icicle type ornament, let's try something a little different. I am going to explain in about 39 steps how to turn an inside-out Christmas Angel. An inside-out turning starts with a few blanks which are oriented such that you are actually “hollowing” the inside first and then rearranging the blanks to turn the outside shape. Inside-out turnings require a little more careful planning and good tool control to prevent blowing one up with a tool slip. So, let's get started...


The Penturner's Corner: Pen Finishes by Don Ward

FINISHING!  One of the most important topics and the most often discussed topics in pen turning discussions. The topic of finishing pens raises its ugly head at least once a week on the pen forums with subjects such as these: What is the best finish? What is a quick and durable finish? What is the most durable finish? Which finish is the easiest to apply? Is a sanding sealer necessary?  Pen finishing may be the most talked about topic among pen turners. Finishing has been discussed at every encounter I’ve had with other pen turners. So, I will address the topic of finishing pens this month. Of course, we all have our favorite finish. I hope after reading this article that information pertaining to several finishes will be made available. Also, I will make available several resources for information on finishing the pens we make.



Are you a safe woodturner? by John McNay

We all know how important health and safety issues are to woodturning. We’ve read the articles, listened to the warnings, maybe even changed our practices after reading about disastrous accidents. If you are like me, you do a pretty good job with the major issues, like wearing a face shield, keeping fingers and loose clothing away from moving machinery, and installing dust collection systems. But what about the equally-important, less obvious ways we put our safety and health at risk every time we turn? 


Why I Turn by John Wolf

Why do you turn? I was recently asked this question. I answered with a rather generic: “It's fun. It is satisfying. It's an easy way for me to create desirable gifts.” Well, all that is true, but for some reason that question continues to rattle about in my head. I think there is more to it.


Creating the Tri-Purpose, “Triple Threat” OrnasTOPper by Bob Heltman

It is rare in the field of woodturning, or most anything else for that matter, that one object can fulfill 3 (three!) different purposes, and switch back and forth among them as needed.


Meet the Turner


Al (Charles) Collins,
Lawndale, California


New Products:

The Three Point Chucky by Rubber Chucky

Finial Tool Rest by Advanced Lathe Tools

Negative Rake Scraper Carbide Cutters by Easy Wood Tools

Nutcracker Inlay Pen Kits from Kallenshaan Woods

SR 500 Air-Purifying Respirator

Alpha Team Ballpoint Click Pen by Berea Hardwoods

Titanium Ring Cores from Craft Supplies

Air Filtration System with Micro-Dust Collection from Powermatic


Questions and Answers: Christmas Ornament Hollowing by Lyle Jamieson

Product Review:


Negative Rake Scrapers
from Boxmaster Tools
Review by: Mike Stafford