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May 2017

Editorial by Dennis Daudelin, Publisher


In Memoriam: Liam Flynn

Giant commemorative platter

Patent issued for Black Hole Dust Catcher

New Woodturning Vendor - Woodturning Tool Store

New use for coat hangers

Top 20 Most-Viewed New Woodturning Videos for April 2017


The Toy Soldier's Wife by Dennis Daudelin

I recently turned a toy soldier. It was my entry into my local woodworking club’s annual 2x4x8 contest. Based on the rules, I was only allowed to use a single 2x4x8 for the piece. It took me a while and several layouts to create my design. I had to make several glue-ups and then I turned, sanded, and painted the soldier. He is one foot tall.


Turning an Acorn Birdhouse by Frank Penta

An acorn birdhouse makes an attractive mantle or Christmas tree ornament. It can be turned from a variety of contrasting woods and enhanced by gluing a small bird on its perch. I also use laminated wood to make them colorful. See the photos at the bottom of the article. I spend approximately one hour turning the birdhouse, from roughing out the blanks to buffing the finished piece.


A Slimline Modification: The Challenge Pen by Don Ward

I often get the question, “What pen should I make next since I’ve made several slimlines?” My answer is always something to the effect that if all you’ve made is slimlines per the instructions then you have not explored all the slimline kit has to offer. Yes, other kits can be modified or customized but not like the slimline. The slimline kit is an excellent kit for customizing or modifying. It is very forgiving and versatile. Skills and techniques learned from experimenting with the slimline kit can be transferred to other kits.



Taking the Puzzle out of Pen Decals by Raymond Sprouse

Personalizing a pen dramatically changes the appearance and value of the pen. Simply adding that little extra something changes that pen from a writing instrument, to a treasured personal item. In this article, I will demonstrate my method of adding decals to a pen. These decals can have names, logos, and pictures. With a little imagination, the sky’s the limit. This process is simple and requires little more than an inkjet or laser printer and some water decal paper. In this article, I will create a decal and add it to a buckeye burl pen blank on a Magnetic Graduate pen kit. Also in this article, I will show some other decal pens to give you a better idea of what can be done with this technique.


Turning a Saturn Box by Dick Veitch

With its spherical shape and the slanted angle on the rim, this "Saturn box" design adds interest and fun to a typical box project.


When a traditional home shop no longer works by Staff

Life keeps changing, and we know we have to “go with the flow”. But what if those changes involve having to give up a traditional home wood shop? Maybe we make the decision to downsize and move to a condo. Or we decide to become snowbirds and spend a good part of the year in warmer climates, in housing that does not include a woodshop. Or maybe we just decide it is time to put the cars in the garage! Many creative woodturners have found ways to keep on turning. Larry Fox took his shop with him when he traveled. Beth Ireland took her woodturning classes on the road. Other turners have found arts and craft collaboratives that offer space for rent, and many snowbirds have sought out communities with shared woodshops. Here’s a look at five of these unique solutions.


Meet the Turner: Gene Kelly, Sacramento, CA

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